Now that I look at my final exhibit on Omeka, I realize that this was a HUGE project. I uploaded close 250 items online, and I organized them into a total of 19 web pages. It is such a relief to be done. Working with Omeka was not a easy, the database is great for storage but horrible to work with. I am super proud of the end result. Just going through that extensive exhibit really makes me feel like I accomplished something. In contrast, while I know that I have done a lot during my time at CMHEC, I have no final end results, just boxes that I did not get to. At least there is no result as nice the website that I created. It is a a nice visual representation of all the hours, and all of the work that I have put into the exhibit.

I am still concerned about how well I captured the physical exhibit in the online exhibit. I tried really hard to make sure that it felt like the physical exhibit that was on display at LUMA. I kept the general organization of each room, I included direction of where each item would be located, and I included images of the physical cases in LUMA so that people would have an idea of what the artifacts would look like on a display. I think what makes me worry is that we did not have all of the artifact (a lot of the literature), and those artifacts are not documented as indepth as others. However, with close 250 items, I would say that almost everything is there.

This entire semester I have been paralleling this project with my internship at CMHEC. The biggest different that I note is that my internship with CMHEC forced me to spread out the hours and the work. With the Crossings and Dwellings Exhibit, I was able to chose my own schedule and as such, I did a lot of the work at the beginning of the semester, and I did a lot of work towards the end of the semester. Of course, this was my own doing. I have always worked in intense bursts where I get a lot done, and then I do nothing for a period of time. That is how I have written almost all of my major papers. What I did like about this project is that I was able to blog, on big moments on the project, not on a weekly bases. When I blog for CMHEC, sometime I feel like the stuff I am writing about is trivial or repetitive. However, every blog with this project documents an important mile stone in the process of creating the exhibit. Hence, the majority of them are towards the end of the semester.

Its been interesting working on this project, and I am glad I did it. However, I am more glad that it is over!